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What is phen-fen diet drugs

If you are suffering from obesity, you should want to take best controlling measures so that it can be overcome at the earliest. The food items should be chosen carefully. The quantity should be reduced so that you will not give chance to your body to help deposit additional fat. There should by physical exercising on regular basis so that unwanted fat can be burnt without any issues. In addition to the healthy lifestyle, you should also depend upon natural food supplements so that there will be great changes in your body.

What is Phen-fen?

Phen-fen is a combination formula. It is made up of fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine and phentermine. Fenfluramine is also called as fenfluramine’s d-isomer. All these ingredients are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These ingredients are very popular in suppressing your appetite levels so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money.

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What are the Ingredients of Phenfen?

Fenfluramine is serotonergic agonist. Serotonergic pathways in the brain will be activated through Fenfluramine. You will get a sensation of fullness in your body after taking Fenfluramine. The metabolism will be speeded up and breakdown of fat will take place vigorously. Pulmonary clearance of serotonin will be interfered with Phentermine. It will also lead to the suppression of appetite. As these two drugs had not dealt with weight when they are consumed in their individual capacities, a combination therapy was started in 1992. It was proved to be successful by shedding the weight in a very   efficient way.

Popularity of Phenfen

Even though FDA had not approved the combination drug, there was great demand for the drug in the market. It was widely suggested by doctors and physicians because of its great appetite suppressing properties. The weight loss took place in the most efficient manner. More than 18 million people had used the drug by the year, 1996 for weight reduction and similar issues.

Are There any Side Effects?

One commonly known side effect associated with the intake of Phentermine is pulmonary hypertension. However, as per the study conducted in 1992, it was concluded that the side effects will be at lower level if the drug is administered at lower dosages. However, the study failed to identify the risk involved with Phentermine as it lead to valvular heart disease in women. The drug was withdrawn from the market voluntarily from September, 15 1997 based on the advice of FDA.

pulmonary hypertension - side effects of Phen-fen drug

Requirements of a Weight Reduction Drug

The weight reduction drug should be easy to consume along with your food. You should not be subjected to severe starvation process. Your body should be supercharged with energy levels so that you will want to do different kinds of exercises. The fat should be burnt with the ingredients present in the weight loss product. The appetite levels should be controlled. The ingredients should be approved by FDA so that there will not be any health issues. The metabolism should be speeded up so that you can make the most of your investment.

The weight loss should happen in a systematic way. There should not be any adverse impact on your body. Instead of achieving quick weight loss and suffering with various kinds of side effects, you are advised to stay away from such product. It is always better to depend upon a proven and reliable product so that your health issues will be resolved without any issues. You should not use a product which is in the trial phase. The weight loss supplement should be used with good lifestyle adaptation. If you have sufficient hours of relaxation and nutritious diet, the weight reduction will take place harmoniously. It is also very much important to have physical exercises on regular basis so that weight reduction will take place.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Product?

In order to shed weight, you should choose safe products so that there will not be any side effects. It is true that excess weight will lead to various kinds of health complications. However, you should not purchase severe complications with products which will have adverse impact on your health. The consent of your doctor or healthcare professional should be obtained so that you will not take risk with your health. The healthcare professionals and doctors should choose products judiciously so that the interests of children will be protected.

The Rise and Fall of Phenfen

Phenfen is widely taken during mid 1990s in US for its weight reduction benefits. It was promised to reduce weight very quickly and efficiently. As patients witness weight loss very quickly, it was assumed to be a miracle pill. One of the drugs had induced drowsiness while the other had suppressed appetite level. However, the popularity of the drug was short lived as the link between Phenfen and heart disease valve was traced. It also leads to fatal lung condition which is termed as primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH).

Because of its potential deadly effects, FDA asked the manufacturer, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories to remove from the market. Many users had filed lawsuits and it amounted to $21 billion to Wyeth. Thus, the combination drug was withdrawn from the market as it had lead to many side effects and the health of millions of people was affected with the drug.


In order to achieve very high level of weigh loss without any issues, you should depend upon a proven product. The product that you take should be harmless. It should not lead to side effects on your body. You should go through the ingredients present in the product. If a product is prepared with chemicals, there will be number of side effects on the body. Hence, great deal of caution should be exercised. The consent of health professionals and doctors should be taken before taking the pill. If there are any adverse effects, the product should be discontinued. You should understand the risk factors associated with the product. Phenfen led to weight loss. However, the risk factor is very high. Hence, you should opt for safe solutions.

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