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Fenfluramine diet pills infomation

Fenfluramine has various trade names including Pondimin, Ponderax and Adifax. You should want to depend upon anti-obesity medication so that the excess weight can be shed without any complications. There will not be any scope for pile up of fresh weight as well.


Fenfluramine was first introduced in the market in 1973. It was first introduced in the market in US. However, it was withdrawn from the market in 1997 because of the serious side effects that it had produced in many patients. You should want to depend upon products that can lead to great success. The weight loss should not happen at the expense of your health. Most of the people who had taken Fenfluramine suffered from heart ailments. Hence, FDA had asked Fenfluramine manufacturers to withdraw the product voluntarily from the market. It was withdrawn as per the instructions and most of the people were saved.

Fenfluramine is a mixture of dexfenfluramine and levofenfluramine. The serotonin level will be increased with the presence of Fenfluramine. It is a neurotransmitter which has the capacity to alter the mood. The appetite and other functions will be treated in an efficient manner with the help of Fenfluramine. Vesicular storage of the neurotransmitter will be disrupted with the release of serotonin by Fenfluramine.

Before stopping the production of Phentermine, it was one of the top prescribed drugs by doctors. The drug was prescribed so that the weight loss needs of patients were fulfilled in a very efficient manner. There were several combinations of phentermine and fenfluramine as Fen-Phen. Such combinations were sold during 1990s.

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Side Effects

As heart valve disease was reported in 1997, Fenfluramine was withdrawn from the market. The drug had lead to other complications such as hypertension and cardiac fibrosis. As fenfluramine stimulates serotonin receptors, it has led to valvular abnormalities. Fenfluramine had led to over or inappropriate stimulation of receptors which led to the valve cell division. As a matter of fact, this kind of valve abnormality is also observed in people who took other kinds of medications as well.

As per the study, damage to the heart value happened long after stopping the intake of Fenfluramine. Most common side effects that are associated with the intake of Fenfluramine include drowsiness, diarrhea and dry mouth. Fenfluramine should be taken 3 times per day. Each dose consists of 20 mg. the dosage will be increased at weekly intervals. Depending upon the side effects and the efficiency in dealing the weight, the dosage will be either increased or decreased without any issues.

With the usage of Fenfluramine, there are different kinds of side effects on the body. The side effects may vary from one person to another person. If you are severely sick, you should take the help of experts so that you can settle for the best solution. There are different kinds of side effects which will affect the body. These side effects include confusion, dizziness, in coordination, headache, elevated mood, anxiety, depression, tension and insomnia. There will be general weakness or fatigue. You can also notice some serious changes in your health which include libido, agitation, and dysarthria.

The gastrointestinal issues that will arise with the intake of the pill include constipation, abdominal pain and nausea. There will be sweating, chills and blurred vision as well. You can also notice change in urinary frequency, dysuria, palpitation, hypotension, hypertension, fainting and pulmonary hypertension. There were people who suffered from eye irritation, fever, chest pain and bad taste. If there are severe changes in your body after taking Fenfluramine, you should stop the intake immediately and right kind of medication should be implemented.

Health Benefits

Fenfluramine was suggested to be used on short term basis to achieve weight reduction. The obesity was arrested in an efficient manner. Even though the brand name of the medicine disappeared, there were many generic drugs with the same formula. The weight reduction will take place based on the calorific restriction. The calories supplied to your body will be restricted so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money.

When the body gets less number of calories than that are required for it, it will lead to burning of existing fat. The fat will be burnt and no new additional fat will be added to your body. This, it is possible to achieve weight loss for a short period of time.  

Who can use Fenfluramine?

Fenfluramine should be used if it is prescribed by doctors. Breastfeeding mothers should consult doctor before taking such kinds of medications. You should call your doctor for complete list of side effects so that you can take the best decision to retain your health.

If you find that excess weight leads to various kinds of health complications, you should share your needs with the doctor. The doctor will assess your health condition and most appropriate medication will be suggested. It is possible to shed weight in a very efficient manner when there are no side effects.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

There are number of products in the market which are prepared with natural ingredients. You should choose supplements that are prepared with natural ingredients so that you can make the most of your time, effort and money. When you take natural supplements there will not be any complications in your body. The ingredients can be used to attempt weight loss in a very efficient manner. Each ingredient will serve useful purpose so that the combined formula will deliver result without any issues.

Before purchasing a weight loss product, you should take the counsel of health expert. Your family doctor will be aware of your physical condition so that right kind of medication will be given to you. It is possible to manage healthy life without any issues. In order to shed weight, you should manage a healthy lifestyle. The habits which prevent you to be a complete and perfect individual should be avoided. You should also choose the best weight loss supplement so that there will be gains on long term and no side effects will be experienced.

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