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Home Fasting Tips On How To Follow A Liquid Diet

How to follow the liquid diet tips

Liquid diet is part and parcel of the 5 and 2 diet that you will undertake to shed the weight of the body. It is a healthy way to shed the weight through fast dieting method. You will eat lots of fruits, vegetables and all kinds of stuff during those 5 days in which you will not go on fast. The remaining two days of the week are very important. As you should take only 500 calories per day (600 calories if you are a man) on dieting days, the calorie supply should be well planned. The calories should be well distributed throughout the day. You will certainly make the most of your time and effort by going through the fast diet.

How to implement fast diet?

In order to implement fast diet, it is required to depend on a liquid diet as well. Especially, during the 2 days in which you will take one fourth of the regular diet, the dependence on liquid diet is very high. Hence, the selection of liquid diet should be done very carefully. There should not be sugars, salts and artificial flavors through the liquids that you will take to fill the gaps.

As a matter of fact, you will depend on liquids all through the day. You can take 300 calories in the morning at breakfast and another 300 calories in the evening as dinner. In between the breakfast and dinner, the liquids should fill your stomach. Hence, careful planning and preparation is required so that you will not dump your stomach with excess calories.

If you cannot manage with two sessions of 300 calories, you can further divide them through 3 or 4 sessions so that total calories will not exceed 600 calories.

Liquid diets

As part of the liquid diet, you should include ingredients that are derived from nature. You can go for fruit juices, green tea and coffee. The number of calories that you will add through the liquid diet should be assessed and you should limit the intake. Instead of having one glass at a time, you can sip through so that the hunger-pangs can be contained. When you implement the 5 and 2 diet for the very first time in life, it will be difficult to keep yourself away from excess food intake. However, your body will be adjusted to the pattern and you will be able to limit the intake of food quite easily.

Advantages of liquid diets

When you go through liquid diets, you will enjoy better digestion. The stomach will be filled with liquids so that there will not be any gap. All the toxins present in the body will be pumped out of the system. The digestion system will improve. With the increased metabolism, the absorption rate of nutrients will increase. The immunity levels in the body will improve. It is a great way to treat your body so that you can live a healthy and a long life on this planet.


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