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The yacon diet syrup and tablets

Yacon, the root widely found in South America is the next big thing in the world of weight loss. The root has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years. It has been part of the Andean diet, which delivers numerous health benefits in addition to the weight reduction measures. The digestive system is strengthened and blood sugar levels are well regulated. These are available in tablets, pills, or syrup that you will drink to enhance health as well as benefit from weight loss in an efficient manner.

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What is The Yacon diet?

Yacon syrup is derived from the roots of Yacon plant which is grown in South America. The number of calories that are generated will be just 20 calories per spoon. The product contains low sugar levels and it has the same taste as that of molasses.

It contains few calories and low sugar levels. Yacon syrup has 30% to 50% of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which is a natural sweetener and which cannot be broken down very easily. The FOS will pass through the digestive system in unmetabolised form.

How Yacon diet will help you?

There will be a significant decrease in the body weight with the intake of yacon syrup. The waist circumference will decrease and the BMI (Body Mass Index) will be within the tolerable limits. As per the study conducted by Dr. Oz, 29 out of 40 women had experienced weight loss by taking Yacon syrup along with the Yacon diet. This is achieved without having any changes in their lifestyle.

By taking Yacon root, the body’s ability to retain minerals like calcium and magnesium will increase. The bone density will increase. This was revealed through the study conducted by the University of Sao Polo, Brazil in 2007. Yacon root has been identified as the world’s richest source of fructooligosaccharides. By managing healthy bones, you will protect your body from osteoporosis as well.

If you take Yakon root before the intake of food, the blood sugar levels will be constant. The healthy bacteria in the colon will be fed and the body will get high quality, healthy fiber through which the digestive system will perform better.

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Features of Yacon root

Yacon root can be used as a healthy sweetener. It can suppress hunger pangs efficiently so that the intake of food will be reduced. As it has sufficient quantities of fiber, there will not be an empty feeling in the stomach. Higher levels of polyphenols and powerful antioxidants present in the root will ensure that illness will be prevented. The risk to heart disease will decrease. Thus, you can feel healthier and sexier with the intake of Yacon root.

Who should use Yacon diet?

Yacon root can be used by people suffering with obesity and other kinds of health disorders. If you do not have sufficient fiber in your food, Yacon diet is the solution. You can also overcome constipation and control blood sugar levels with the intake of the special diet. The metabolism will be quickened and the immunity levels are enhanced. It is a great way to shed weight without exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

Yacon diet has proved as an efficient fat blocker. The results are very quick with the diet. Your appetite levels are well suppressed so that you can certainly make the most of your time and effort. The products scores high in terms of customer satisfaction, safety rating and overall value. Most of the customers who were benefited suggest the product to others as well. By following the diet plan and changing the lifestyle, you can achieve good health along with weight reduction.

How to use Yacon diet?

Yacon diet syrup to lose weightYou should take one capsule in the morning along with water and another capsule with the main meal. The syrup should be used throughout the day by replacing the sugar. It has sweeteners so that you will enjoy great sweetness. These sweeteners are ideal for the preparation of tea and coffee as well. The slimming+ membership can be used so that the diet and exercise plan can be tracked.

By implementing the diet plans, it is possible to achieve precise weight loss without any struggle. There are sufficient creative tools which will help you switch over to healthier lifestyles.

Where can you purchase Yacon syrup and diet plans?

You can order Yacon syrup through online. The product will reach your doorsteps at the earliest. It is important to purchase from the official website so that you will get quality products and at the best price. If you order bulk quantity, you will get a great discount as well. Click the banner below to purchase.


The statements claimed by Yacon syrup promoters are not evaluated by FDA. It is recommended to read the entire label before using the product. The diet is not a replacement of any other medication. In order to achieve efficient weight loss, users should follow the strict guidelines prescribed by the diet plan and should stick to the exercise regimen.

Side effects

There will not be any side effects with the intake of Yacon diet. You should take care that the dosage is taken as per the recommendations. If you are suffering with any other health condition, you should take the help of the doctor before using any kind of weight loss supplements.


  • Helpful to reduce weight efficiently
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Supplies sufficient amount of fiber
  • Better digestion
  • Controls constipation
  • Feeds useful bacteria in the colon
  • Low in calories (one spoon of Yacon syrup contains 20 calories)


  • Expensive
  • Should order the product from the website
  • No clinical trials were conducted


If you are attempting weight loss by taking natural ingredients, you can count on ‘The Yacon Diet’. The product can take care of your needs in an efficient manner. The syrup that is prepared from the yacon root has been used for hundreds of years with great health benefits. The greatest advantage with the syrup is that because of its sweetening properties, you can certainly use it instead of sugar. The Yacon diet can be taken to enjoy the health benefits.

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