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Facts about gynecomastia what should you know

It is important to know some Gynecomastia facts so that you will be able to self examine your breasts and if there is any abnormality, you will consult the doctor at the earliest. If the medical condition is traced at the initial stages, it is possible to treat with medication. You can avoid expensive and painful surgeries.

What are the facts?

Gynecomastia is nothing but a condition in which the glandular tissue present in male breast will enlarge. While some people will have pain, others will not have any pain at all. The medical condition can occur at various stages of life. It can occur at infancy, at puberty or in older persons. The defect might be due to the imbalance in the production of male hormones. If the production of testosterone is not sufficient, in some males, Gynecomastia can be witnessed. On the other hand, if the estrogen production dominates the testosterone production, it might lead to the increased breast size.

Gynecomastia might also be affected in a person due to exposure to some kinds of medicines. It can be the side effect after using certain kinds of medicines. The condition might occur due to the presence of kidney disease or cirrhosis of the liver. The hyperthyroidism will also influence or increase the risk to Gynecomastia.

Changes in breast size

There will be a change in the breast size. It might affect either on one side or both sides. In most of the cases, the enlarged breasts will be restored to their normal sizes quite naturally. It might happen within 6 months. The tenderness in the breast will be lost and the swelling will decrease.

If the onset of symptoms is for less than 12 months, the condition can be treated with medicines. It is possible to treat Gynecomastia when it has not reached the scar formation stage. If the scar formation happens, the only alternative is to go for surgery.

Various kinds of risk factors

If you know the risk factors, you will take the necessary precautions or timely actions so that the condition will not worsen. Some of the risk factors include unfavorable scarring, infection, bleeding, anesthetic risks, poor wound healing, blood clots, fluid accumulation and persistent pain.

Results of Medication

Through studies, it was revealed that the success rate of medication is high when the patient suffers from lower levels of production of testosterone. If the Gynecomastia is in existence in recent past well below 12 months, it can be treated more efficiently.

Before deciding on the course of action, proper diagnosis will be done. Various kinds of blood tests and at different stages will be performed so that the exact issue will be traced. The most appropriate pill will be decided and it should be used on a consistent basis for about 4 to 6 months. In extreme cases, where the medication will not yield any result or when the pain is very high, surgery is inevitable. The surgery will be done based on the patient’s health condition and his or her personal preferences.

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