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Provailen pain relief pills

What is Provailen?

Provailen is used to get relief from arthritis pain. The ingredients present in the product will fight against immune digestive disorders. The muscles will be activated so that there will be a restoration of strength. Provailen can be used with other kinds of medications also as it will not interfere with them.


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Provailen ingredientsThere are 3 main ingredients in Provailen. They are:

  • Reishi,
  • Tongkat Ali and
  • Capsaicin.

Reishi is a natural mushroom fungi. The adrenocortical system will be boosted through the help of Reishi. It will boost the immune system and anti inflammatory properties will give great relief from pain. Reishi belongs to the same family of fungi, Penicillin.

Tongkat Ali will repair and rebuild the muscles which are not functional. The atrophy condition will be rectified with the Tongkat Ali. The purpose of Capsaicin is to ensure that the two other ingredients, Reishi and Tongkat Ali will be absorbed by the body in an efficient manner. The health of the damaged tissues will be restored.

How does it work?

After using the Provailen, the attack on the body immune system will be stopped. There will not be pain in the joints. The inflammation will be eased through the usage of Provailen. The clinically proven product does not contain any additives. It can be taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Provailen as seen in magazineBenefits of using Provailen

After using Provailen as per the guidelines, you will not have any issues in getting out of bed. You will not want to avoid stairs. You will enjoy sleep filled nights as you will not be awakened by pain. There will be less risk of falling when your muscle power increases. All the muscles will become functional in an effortless manner.

Direction of use

Provailen uses pharmacy grade ingredients. These ingredients are processed at FDA approved laboratories. You can consume these pills without any hesitation.

Side effects

These pills are prepared with pharmacy grade ingredients. Hence, there will not be any side effects.

Cautions & Advices

Provailen natural pain relief pillsYou can take Provailen along with other kinds of medications. It will not interfere with their course. If you get relief from arthritis pain, you can stop consumption of Provailen.


  • There will not be negative drug interactions
  • No doctor prescription is required
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Quick relief from arthritis pain


  • Expensive
  • Should not use them on long-term basis


Provailen gives great relief from pain and the results are very quick. The immune system will be strengthened so that you will no more experience pain in joints. The muscle wastage will be arrested. All the muscles will be functional and you will not get pain through joint movements. There will not be any side effects with the usage of these pills as pharmacy grade ingredients are used in the medicine and they are processed at FDA approved site.

Bonuses or Discount

If you order the pills from the official site, you will get them delivered at your house quickly and you can avail great discounts as well.

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