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Proto-col carb blocker bottle

What is Proto-Col Carb Blocker?

Proto-Col Carb Blocker comes with phase 2 technology. The product is the secret behind the successful slim and trim performance achieved by many celebrities. The carbonates will be blocked from the body in an efficient manner.

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The presence of white kidney beans will block consumed carbs in an efficient manner. The carbs will not be absorbed by the body and it will lead to the efficient weight reduction. The other ingredients present in the product are Vitamin C, Guarana, Chromium and hard gelatin capsules.

A special protein is extracted through the phase 2 technology which will block the carbohydrates in an efficient manner. This behavior was confirmed by FDA as well.

How does it work?

For carb lovers, Proto-Col Carb Blocker offers the best solution to shed weight in an effortless manner. Phase 2A is a protein that is extracted from white kidney beans. It will block the enzymes which are responsible for the absorption of carbohydrates. As per clinical results, the starch reduction is achieved to the extent of 75%.

The starch present in various food items including rice, pasta, bread and potatoes will be neutralized so that your system will not want to process the same. Weight reduction targets are achieved without any difficulty. If you implement Proto -Col Carb Blocker, along with exercises, there will be great results.

Benefits of using Proto-Col Carb Blocker

The starch will not be changed into glucose as Phase 2A will efficiently block the carbohydrates. This mechanism is very much suitable for people suffering with diabetes. The phase two technology is a proven and efficient weight reduction mechanism. You will be able to maintain optimum weight when you undertake weight reduction through Proto-Col Carb Blocker.

Direction of use

Proto-col carb blocker pillsAdults should take two capsules per day. You should take the pill along with water and it should be prior to the intake of food that is prepared with carb0hydrates or starchy meal.

Side effects

There will not be any side effects with the product as it is prepared with natural ingredients.

Cautions & Advices

The dosage should not be exceeded. It should be kept out of reach of children.


  • Hunger levels are well controlled
  • Carbohydrates are blocked in an efficient manner
  • Efficient weight reduction without any complications


  • Expensive
  • Should have sufficient patience to go through the changes


Proto-Col Carb Blocker will help you shed weight in an efficient manner. The phase 2 technology is unique. It will block the carbohydrates in an efficient manner so that they will not be absorbed in the stomach. The phase 2 technology will utilize the protein extracted from white kidney beans and the weight reduction will be effortless. The potential of the protein has been verified by FDA as well.

Bonuses or Discount

The product can be ordered from the official website. It will reach the delivery address at the earliest. You can take advantage of discounts as well when you go for bulk purchase. 


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