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side effects of steroids list

Steroids are used to increase the strength, power and certain traits which will be passed on from one generation to another generation. When you take steroids in a systematic way as per the guidance of the doctor, there will not be serious issues. The dosage and frequency should be followed without fail. You should let know your physician your health condition so that you can opt for the best steroids as per your needs. If there are any serious side effects, the intake of steroids should be stopped immediately.

You might want to take steroids to increase the size, stamina, strength and behavior. There will be great sense of fulfillment when you take right kind of steroids and in right quantities. Doctors will prescribe steroids to treat with specific disorders. In order to minimize side effects lowest possible drug will be prescribed.

Side Effect of Steroids

As happens with any kind of steroid, there will be inevitable side effects. These side effects will lead to impaired health condition. In some case, the side effects will be reversed. In other cases, the side effects will persist through your life. In most of the cases, the side effects will cease as soon as you stop the intake of steroids.

If there are adverse side effects, it will jeopardize your health. Hence, proper precautions should be taken so that you can make the most of your health. There will be number of side effects when you take unregulated steroids and if you are not supervised by experts.

Adverse side effects of steroids

Negative Side Effects

There will be different kinds of side effects that are associated with steroids. These side effects include physical, mental and behavioral changes.  The negative side effects on the body because of anabolic steroids include reduced sperm count, infertility, baldness, breast development, increased risk of developing prostate cancer, severe acne, splayed teeth and overgrowth of forehead.

There are other side effects which include mood swings, difficulty to sleep, injury to muscles and tendons, liver damage, jaundice, blood clots, increased risk of heart issues.

The risk for girls includes increased facial and body hair growth, enlargement of clitoris, change in menstrual cycles and development of masculine traits. There will be deepening voice, shrinking of breasts and loss of feminine body characteristics.

In case of boys, there will be change in testicles. You can also find pain while urinating, breast development, reduced sperm count and impotence.

Long Term Side Effects

There will be some effects on the body which are not reversible. Some effects will be present in the body on a very long-term basis. The performance and self-image of a person will be very much enhanced through drug intake. The drug intake should not happen at the cost of your health.

HIV is the most deadly side effect when you abuse your body with steroids. This kind of effect might be experienced by adolescent teens and young adults who will go through peer pressure in their life. There will be weaker decision making skills. Cysts might be formed liver. If you discontinue the usage of drugs, the effects might be reversed. In some cases, cysts can lead to formation of tumors. Hence, they should be diagnosed immediately and necessary medical care should be taken at the earliest.

There might be premature heart attacks and strokes. There will be strain with the increase in muscle mass. In order to provide more muscle tissue, the heart will be under pressure. Your body should be prepared to deal with greater level of cholesterols. If steroids are used in the adolescent age, the growth might be impaired.

Short Term Side Effects

The short term side effects that are associated with steroids include acne, shrunken testicles, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver malfunction, enlarged prostate and balding. If steroids are taken by women, it is possible to witness male characteristics.

When there is high cholesterol, there will be high bad cholesterol levels which are denoted by LDLs and there will be low HDLs which are good cholesterol levels. The low density lipo-protein will be increased through the consumption of steroids. With the intake of oral steroids, LDL levels will increase. When fatty substances are deposited in arteries, there will be disruption of blood flow. If there is prevention of blood flow, it will lead to heart attack. If the blood fails to reach the brain, it will lead to stroke.

There will be liver tumors, if you abuse your body with steroids. There will be blood filled cysts in the liver.

Positive Side Effects

There are different kinds of side effects associated with the intake of steroids. There will be change in the production of hormones which should take place naturally when you depend upon artificial means. There will be more aggressive personality when you take steroids. Your fatigue levels will be enhanced and it is possible to stay strong in performing various kinds of physical exercises.

The other positive effects include the ability to lose weight in athletes. The muscular strength and performance will be very much enhanced. There will be improvement in visual appearance, strength and muscle mass. More amount of oxygen will be supplied to the body.

You will be suspended from games if you are found to be using drugs which contain steroids. You will also find some common side effects including paranoia, insomnia, nausea & vomiting, aching joints, high blood pressure, urinary troubles, jaundice or liver damage, heart disease & cancer, susceptibility to HIV and other transmitted diseases. There are different kinds of issues which will lead to death as well.


If you use steroids, it will have impact on your health in different ways. The best possible thing is the total avoidance of steroids. There are some positive effects such as gain of muscle mass, ability to withstand fatigue and other performance enhancement abilities. Even though there are good effects on the body, there will be negative effects as well. Hence, the selection of steroid should be done on both short-term and long-term health gains. You should live long in spite of using the steroids. If it costs your life, they should be avoided.


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