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Building the muscles is a wish many have. It can however be one of the most tedious things to do since building the muscles doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. With WHEYMAX however, it has now become easier for men to start enjoying bigger attractive muscles. Using this product, you will start seeing changes by enhancing functions which lead to muscle rebuilding.

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What It Is

This is an advanced whey protein formulation that is ultra pure. It is high in terms of quality, making it very effective in achieving the results that it is designed for. It is 100% hydrolysed isolate. The hydrolyzed protein creates a fast acting whey protein, making it a fast digested product that easily works on building muscles. It is a product from Pharmamuscle. This is a brand that has a great reputation for the quality products it manufacturers especially sport related products. You therefore know that you have a good product in WHEYMAX for your muscles.

How It Works

WHEYMAX, through the hydrolysed protein makes it fast acting whey protein. The process breaks large proteins into small pieces which are therefore able to get into the system rapidly making it possible for the muscles to start the rebuilding process quickly. This product is made purely from hydrolysed whey proteins which are isolated. This means that it is free from excess cholesterol, fat, carbohydrate and excess lactose. With the reduction of these elements, it is made to be very fast in digestion and it comes packed with amino acids which help in building and replenishing muscles. This cannot be termed as lower priced, but the superior quality of the ingredients and the advanced technology of the formulation makes it worth the cost that it if offered at.

How pharmamuscle wheymax works

The Ingredients

Hydrolysed whey: Helps in the breaking down of larger proteins into smaller pieces which are easier and faster to digest hence fastening the process of muscle rebuilding. The hydrolysed whey protein also enhances the fast action of this product making it as effective as it is.

Stevia extract: The extract increase insulin response and also elevates the circulation of amino acids. This makes the product very important in the post exercise recovery process. It refuels the muscles effectively preventing muscle injury.

Other essential ingredients in the product which make it what it is in building muscles include cocoa powder, NutraActive which is made up of papain, bromelain, amylase, lipase and protease. It is also contains chocolate flavor, making it deliciously enjoyable for all users.

The Benefits

  1. Pharmamuscle how it worksWHEYMAX is made using 100% advanced hydrolysed protein isolates giving it rapid absorption and delivery to all muscle tissues for enhanced improvements.
  2. The 30 grams daily intakes contain pure whey protein which has no cholesterols, fat, carbohydrate and lactose. You therefore do not have to worry about other issues such as weight gain when using the formulation for your muscles.
  3. The advanced formulation comes with an improved taste and powder which is instant making it easy to mix in milk, water and even fruit juice with a spoon. It makes it very easy to take every day.
  4. It is excellent in absorption and delivery through the bloodstream to all the muscle tissues. The hydrolysate is then assimilated in protein structures, thereby accelerating the exercise recovery process. It therefore makes an amazing product even for athletes and bodybuilders.
  5. The pure protein isolates in the product facilitates proper muscle growth, which helps in reducing fatigue and also enhances endurance thus leading to increased physical performance.
  6. It has three branched chain amino acids also known as BCAAs, which are particularly beneficial to athletes. This is because they greatly help in new muscle synthesis and provide protection to the muscles which are already there from breakdown.
  7. It dissolves easily in water and you can choose chocolate of vanilla flavor to match your individual preferences.

Directions of Use

  1. Directions of use pharmamuscle wheymaxTo stack in the gains, you should take the formula in the morning to trigger proper use of protein, fat and carbohydrate the morning. 30grams should be taken and you can also mix the WHEYMAX shake with Alpha Male to reap amazing results.
  2. Before workouts, mix the formula with skim milk to boost strength and power. When mixed with Creaplus powder, it increases the muscle uptake hence you stand to gain more.
  3. After workouts WHEYMAX can be mixed with iced coffee. This is the time during which the muscles are receptive to nutrients and with the fact acting protein, you will provide the muscles with the building blocks needed to rebuild and replenish them. Iced coffee helps in facilitating more glycogen resythesis to make sure you are ready for the next workout session.

Product Advice and Cautions

This product is carefully formulated to deliver amazing muscle results. It is however important to make sure that you stick to the allowed daily dosages and use tips to reap the best of what it has to offer. You should also ensure that you keep the formula out of reach of children. Always consult with your physician or doctor before starting to use the formula, especially if you have a pre existing medical condition.


This supplement contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscles with the fast acting pure protein isolates. It has been rated as the number one in hydrolyzed proteins in terms of taste and performance compared with other brands in the market. It has an overall palatability and taste that is excellent. Sports enthusiast and sports nutrition users love the product. More than 300 sports enthusiasts in Netherlands rate a high preference to the product evaluating it as better in taste, mouth feel, aftertaste and even the appearance. You therefore know that you have a trusted brand when choosing this formulation for your muscle building goals. It is however of great importance to consult with your doctor before using the supplement. It helps to know that you are safe in terms of health even when faced with a need to grow and build the muscles.

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