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What is Vintage Detox Set?

Vintage Detox Set is intended to remove toxins present in your body in a very efficient way. This formula is intended for people who would like to remove toxins at a very quick pace. If you have only one week to spend time on detox plan, you can go for Vintage Detox set. In addition to the tasty drink, you will also soak in great salt baths so that all your needs will be fulfilled. The bath will be very refreshing so that there will be great relaxation of body, mind and soul.

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Ingredients of Vintage Detox Set

Detox formula is a blend of food herbs. The ingredients present in the formula include bladderwrack, artichoke, dandelion, lemon and prune juice.

  • Bladderwrack Napiers ingredientsBladderwrack is natural seaweed. It contains fucoidan, alginic acid and iodine. There are many health benefits with Bladderwrack which include skin care, thyroid stimulation, joint pain relief, digestion, lower cancer risk and lower bad cholesterol levels. The iodine present in Bladderwrack will ensure that thyroid disorder will be handled in an efficient way.
  • Artichoke is a flower that blossoms in winter season. It is used as a vegetable since time immemorial. It has medicinal and health properties. The excretion of bile will increase and inhibition of cholesterol synthesis will improve. It is an excellent source of vitamin, folic acid, B-complex, potassium, copper and iron. It is consumed as vegetable during winter season across Europe.
  • Dandelion is a herb and it is used in the preparation of various kinds of medicines. You can achieve of loss of appetite and to treat stomach upsets. You will also get relief from joint pains, muscle aches, eczema and bruises. Various kinds of infections including viral infections can be treated with dandelion.
  • The immune deficiency is fought with vitamin C. it is rich in antioxidants so that your immunity levels will improve. The Ph levels in the body will be maintained. It is great source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It cures common cold as well.
  • The fiber present in prune juice will help the digestive system. The stools will be soft with the presence of sorbitol in Prune juice. It can be used to treat hemorrhoids. It is more effective medication than over the counter medication.

How does Vintage Detox Set work?

You should drink the liquid (one liter) during the weekend. The detox formula can be implemented when you are fasting or on light food. If you are taking light food, it should be limited to diet that contains proteins and vegetables only. Along with the detox diet, you should drink 2 liters of water as well so that there will be best results.

You will resort to healthy eating habits and it will lead to weight loss in the long run. The excess fat present in the body will be eliminated and food cravings can be controlled at a gradual pace.

Benefits of using Vintage Detox Set

By using the Vintage Detox Set, the toxins present in the body will be eliminated in a systematic way. The bath that you will enjoy with Epsom salts after completing the detox drink will be very refreshing. Your body’s magnesium levels will be restored in this process. The toxins will be sweat out from your skin through the Vintage detox set.

With the implementation of Detox plan, your mind and spirit will be very much balanced. Your body’s ability to fight various kinds of diseases will improve.

Direction of use

Napiers Weekend Off Vintage Detox SetYou should add two spoonfuls (10 ml) of Detox formula to one liter of water. You should drink this formula over the weekend. You might be on fasting or on light diet so that there will be great results.

You can use a soft brush to stimulate and exfoliate the skin. It should be done prior to the massage. The detox massage oil can be used which can be applied on stubborn areas of the skin. Thighs and upper arms can be treated in this manner.

Side effects

There will not be any side effects by using Vintage Detox Set as the product is prepared with natural ingredients. Even though the product is prepared with natural ingredients, you should not exceed the dosage.

Cautions & Advices

If you feel hungry during the fasting period, you can take psyllium husks so that the stomach will be full and there will not be any addition of calorific value. You should ensure that your body will get sufficient supply of nutrients so that there will not be any complications.

People suffering from any health issues should obtain consent from their physician so that there will not be any complications.


  • Can be implemented conveniently over the weekend
  • Gives you great flexibility
  • Easy to remove toxic substances from your body
  • Great refreshing experience when you go for  Epsom Salt bath
  • Improves your productivity in daily life
  • Will be able to focus on things in a better way
  • Magnesium levels will be restored in your body
  • Improves your body’s ability to fight various kinds of diseases
  • The functionality of liver and kidney will improve


  • Should subject your body to full fasting or partial fasting method
  • Should be implemented with detox diet for best results
  • Loss of nutrients should be arrested


Vintage Detox Set is a very simple and efficient way to remove toxin substances from your body. As your body eliminates toxins over the weekend, you will be refreshed. The magnesium levels in the body will be balanced. You will become energetic as your body, mind and soul will be very much refreshed.

Bonuses or Discount

In addition to the detox formula which contains drink formula and bath salts, you will also get diet plan and instructions so that the detoxification will be done efficiently.

The product can be ordered through online. It can be purchased from the official website so that you will get genuine product at best price.

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