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You might face indigestion at creation points of time. It might be due to the excessive intake of alcohol or spicy food or any other issue. In order to get quick deliverance from such difficulty, you should want to go for remedial measures. When there is opportunity to deal health issues with herbal medication, you should utilize the same without fail. If you go through the product review, you will be able to understand its prospects without fail. There are numerous varieties of bitters in the market. You should choose them as per the application and flavor.

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What is British Bitters?

British Bitters is prepared from the extracts of various natural herbs. The aromatic drink comes with herbal essences. It will have bitter sweet for which the herb is called British Bitters. You should add a teaspoon of British Bitters to plain water and should wait for 5 minutes. In most of the cases, the herbal juices will be flavored with citrus so that they can be consumed without any difficulty.  

There are numerous bitters which are popular from 18th century onwards. The appetite will be well stimulated with the usage of bitters.

Ingredients of British Bitters

gentiana lutea (Gentian) root extract ingredientThe ingredients present in British Bitters include Gentian root, Meadowsweeet, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Ginger root and Peppermint. You should take Peppermint before meals so that the appetite levels will be stimulated. The saliva production will improve and the flow of bile will happen without any issues.

If you had lost your appetite because of the age factor, you can use British Bitters. There will be aperitifs and digestifs to address the needs of your digestion. If you for the aperitifs, the stomach will be prepared for digestion and you will take it before the food. In case of digestifs, they will be taken after consuming the food. Hence, there will be right kind of impact on the digestive system. The stomach will be able to process the food without fail and you will not fall sick because of indigestion.

How does British Bitters work?

Generally, bitters are taken along with alcohol. However, it can be consumed with any other liquid including water and juice. It can be consumed with non-alcoholic beverages and tea as well. There will be severe dehydration after the consumption of alcohol. You will also go through severe depression. In order to overcome these difficulties in an efficient manner, you should want to take herbal remedies so that you can certainly make the most of your life.

Benefits of using British Bitters

The negative symptoms that are associated with a hangover can be handled through diet controls, workouts and food supplements. You should change your lifestyle as well so that there will be great change in your health. You can consider ‘British Bitters’ as post party ‘pick-me-up’. There will be beneficial effect on the entire digestive system with the intake of digestifs. If you suffer from the ill-effects that are associated with indigestion, you can certainly depend upon British Bitters.

In addition to the incredible support given to the digestive system, there will be great improvement in the health. The digestive system will run at peak performance with the active herbal ingredients. You can purchase 100 ml bottle which can be used as per your needs. The greatest advantage with British Bitters is that you will be able to use the product at any point of time as per your needs. It can also be used for a wide variety of indigestion issues.

British Bitters which is also called the hair of the dog will help you overcome indigestive issues after partying without any complications. You will not want to wait all through the night as you can consume the drink at any point of time. The product is affordable and it is produced after going through the stringent quality standards.

Direction of use

Best British Bitters (Hair Of The Dog) bottleYou should take one teaspoonful (5 ml) of digestif (British Bitters) solution by mixing with water. It should be mixed in water or juice as per your convenience. The solution should be consumed before taking the alcohol or again on the ‘morning after’. You should take the solution at several intervals throughout the day so that you will have normal digestion without any issues.

Side Effects

Even though it is bitter in taste, there will not be any unwanted effects on your health. You can find the traces of citrus in the product. If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients present in the herbal product, you can consume the product without any issues.

Cautions & Advices

When you are using a premium hangover supplement, you should deal with it very cautiously. You will not want to suffer all through the night when you have a remedy which can be taken right after the event.


  • Product is produced by world renowned company, Napiers
  • Natural digestifs and bitters
  • No side effects
  • Can be taken very easily with water or any other liquid
  • Best results without any complications
  • Health enhancement in addition to the corrective action on the digestive system
  • You can feel better in a jiffy


  • Should not be consumed without having any issues of indigestion
  • Should not exceed the dosage


When you can rely on an effective herbal remedy, you will have great night outs. The hangovers will be very much pleasing and you will certainly make the most of your time, effort and money. There will not be any digestive issues when you can depend upon a reliable herbal product. The product is supplied by world renowned company, Napiers which introduces natural products which are free from chemicals. When you depend upon natural products, there will not be any side effects on your body. You will certainly be able to make the most of your effort and money.

Bonuses or Discount

You will get access to highly concentrated solution in one bottle which can be used for 20 servings. 

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