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My Gene Diet weight loss plan

What is My Gene Diet?

My Gene Diet is intended to correct eating habits by controlling the genes. The hunger levels in the body will be enhanced with the presence of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. If you have ghrelin in your body, it will be difficult to go through dieting plan. The gene diet is a personalized diet that will be suggested to you as per your DNA. Dr. Lasse Hessel, the Medical Director at Natures Remedies Ltd. is involved in the invention of My Gene Diet.

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Zotrim for my gene diet planYou will get a personalized diet plan after going through the swab test. You should complete the questionnaire and it should be returned to the promoters of the diet. There will be diet plan as well as exercise plan based on the results. You will also get a free pack of Zotrim diet aid so that your body will be able to adjust to the diet and reduced calories without any difficulty.


How does it work?

my gene diet weight loss planThe diet that you will take is personalized. It will be suggested to you based on the assessment of your genes. The variations in the hunger, eating behavior, food preferences, body weight and exercise will be noticed. For example, the FTO gene code promotes fat mass and you will be obese with the presence of this gene. There are variations in FTO gene. If there is a stronger feeling of hunger, you will eat more and there will be a greater health impact.


Benefits of using My Gene Dietmargrethe_pihl my gene diet testimonial

It is possible to shed weight in a very accurate manner. Through DNA testing, the exact cause and the hunger impact on your body at various points of time will be assessed. After going through the swab test, you will get suggestions to get personalized diet. The number of calories that you take or shed per day will be advised. You will also learn about various kinds of food items, their nutrient proportion and calories supplied by them.


Direction of use

You should want to take the ‘My Gene Diet’ as per the suggestion of experts. The diet is customized as per your needs.

How to use My gene diet

Side Effects

The weight loss will be dealt in a precise manner. As the process is customized to your needs and you will depend upon natural diet, there will not be any side effects.

Cautions & Advices

Enough care should be taken to follow the diet plan in a strict way. If you suffer from any other health condition, you should get advice from your doctor.


  • Customized diet plan based on your genetic performance
  • Dependence on natural food


  • An expensive process
  • You should have sufficient patience to wait for results and diet should be taken as per the guidelines


My Gene Diet is unique and it is based upon highly sophisticated scientific research. Unlike other weight loss programs, each and every individual will be treated in a unique way and customized diet will be implemented so that weight reduction will happen in an efficient manner.

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