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What is Lowerol?

High cholesterol levels will lead to various kinds of heart diseases. The risk to heart diseases will be doubled. It is the number one cause for most of the deaths that are happening all over the world. Unfortunately, there will not be any special symptoms when you have high cholesterol levels in your body. By including Lowerol in your daily routine, it is possible to reduce high cholesterol levels in a very efficient manner.

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  • Lowerol ingredients listLowerol is prepared with proven cholesterol reducing ingredients. These ingredients are rich in phytosterols. The ingredients present in Lowerol include red yeast rice 400mg, grape seed extract 80mg, policosanol 10mg and coenzyme q10 10mg.
  • Red yeast rice consists of natural compounds called monacolins which have the capacity to lower cholesterol levels in a very natural way. Traditionally, the ingredient is used in the preparing various kinds of Chinese medicines. Your body’s natural cholesterol production will be reduced in a very natural way. As per clinical studies, Monacolins will lead to normal blood cholesterol levels. The results will be more affective when you make changes to your lifestyle and take balanced food.
  • The consumption of grapes in food will lead to reduction of cholesterol levels. Grapes are full of powerful antioxidants. The heart and arteries will be protected and LDL cholesterol in arteries will be lowered. The oxidation process will be delayed.
  • Policosanol is a natural extract found in sugar cane. The breakdown and removal of LDL cholesterol will be increased with the presence of Policosanol. The ingredient has better results when compared with statins drugs that are available in the market.
  • Coenzyme (CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant. It supports heart health by protecting cells. The damage caused through harmful free radicals will be prevented with Coenzyme. CoQ10 is required to produce energy. CoQ10 will supplement so that heart diseases can be prevented and treated efficiently. The clogging of arteries was prevented through the intake of CoQ10.

How does Lowerol work?

The natural power of the plant will be used to lower cholesterol levels in the shortest possible time. It is possible to achieve great results in a matter of 30 days.

As per the 2009 study, the Red Yeast intake will lead to low LDL cholesterol levels and the lowering will happen to the extent of 20% and it will happen without any muscle pain. As it is very much important to keep your heart in a very good condition, you should choose Lowerol so that cholesterol levels can be managed efficiently. You can manage cholesterol levels in a very safe way by taking Lowerol.

If you use Lowerol along with sensible diet, it is possible to achieve low cholesterol levels in the shortest possible time. The cholesterol levels will come back to the normal level in as early as 30 days. The diseases that are associated with high cholesterol levels can be prevented in a very efficient way.

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Benefits of using Lowerol

By taking Lowerol as per the recommendations, it is possible to reduce high cholesterol and all possible diseases that are affected by high cholesterol can be prevented. When you use clinically proven and natural ingredients, you will be able to make the most of your time, effort and money. The product will not harm you as it is made with natural ingredients.

You can enjoy life without suffering with any unwanted complications. The cholesterol levels will be controlled naturally and statins will be avoided in future. The product is manufactured by one of the leading UK based healthcare company. Napiers is the trusted brand. It is committed to produce world class products by including precise raw materials. The formula is improved so that it is possible to get better results.

Lowerol can be used by vegetarians also. You can go through the stories shared by some customers so that you will settle for the best service without fail. Thus, Lowerol presents easy and quick solution to lower cholesterol levels so that you will live long with absolute peace of mind. Instead of using products that are prepared with various kinds of chemicals which will lead to side effects, you can depend upon the most reliable food supplement, Lowerol.

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Direction of use

In order to reduce high cholesterol levels, you should take 3 Lowerol pills per day. These capsules can be taken along with water. In order to maintain healthy lower cholesterol levels, you should take at least 1 Lowerol pill per day.

Side Effects

There will not be any side effects when you use Lowerol to control high cholesterol levels in your body. The dosage should be followed strictly and necessary precautions should be taken while taking the supplement.                                

Cautions & Advices

Types of cholesterol bannerIf you are taking prescribed statins, you should not take Lowerol without consulting your physician. The prescribed medicines should not be stopped without consulting your doctor. Pregnant ladies and nursing mothers should not use any kind of weight loss supplements without taking the consent of doctor.


  • Natural plant based ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Reduced high cholesterol levels very easily
  • It is easy to take capsules on daily basis
  • Effective natural alternative to statins
  • Manufactured by the most trusted brand in the industry
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Trusted by customers


  • Should implement dieting and lifestyle for better results
  • Should not exceed the dosage under any circumstances


Lowerol is a natural product which helps reduce high cholesterol levels in your body. You will be able to live a healthy and happy life when you have access to the best natural products. The ingredients used in the manufacture of the product are selected very carefully and best methods are used to process these ingredients. If these capsules are used along with the implementation of healthy lifestyle and dieting, there will be great results.

Bonuses or Discount

Lowerol can be ordered through online. As you place bulk order, you will get great discount as well. High quality products will be dispatched to your doorsteps very quickly.

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