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Home General Health How To Curb Cravings With Yoga

It is possible to curb your cravings, using yoga. There are some poses that can be just great when you need a distraction from any kind of mindless munching. Cravings can be nasty. You may not even be hungry at all but you feel like having something to eat.

When we are distracted, we seem to be more prone to cravings. This can be as a result of stress or even boredom. This is something that many weight loss specialists agree on. You may come face to face with a craving whenever you are tense or when you try hard to avoid tasks. When exhausted and feeling weepy, you may tend to eat more. This is less possible when you are busy.

When you find yourself reaching for something to munch on, then you have to stop and slow down. When you burn some excess energy, you may be able to settle your thoughts. Standing forward and bending can be able to calm down your brain and reduce stress considerably. Yoga poses can help.

Child’s Pose

This is a very relaxing pose that can help with the decompression of the mind and allow you to reflect on different emotions that are guiding your eating habits. You should take some minutes to achieve the child’s poise so as to check with your body and know whether or not you are really hungry.

Bridge Pose

This is a clever backbend pose which helps in positioning the shoulders and the neck so as to release the areas where we can feel stress effects. It is a rather intense pose when the tension is being released try not to grip breath and be sure to release the sensations completely. You use strength so as to sustain pose and this can redirect your attention from the cravings. You need to keep your breath softly so as to avoid introducing even more stress.

Waterfall Practice

This is a backbend which is restorative and it allows the chest to open with support to the lower back. You lie allowing your blood to flow to the heart and head much easily. This may be helpful with the release of excitatory state which is produced by the cravings.

Why Yoga is Popular

In the west, yoga practice has become very popular. The main reason why this is the case is the fact that yoga comes with numerous health benefits. It isn’t only about the strength and toning that the body gets but also the effects on the mind. Yoga demands a lot of focus and this allows us the chance to learn how to live with different strong sensations like cravings for sugar and other conflicts without need to numb feelings in other ways.

Restorative yoga has been seen to really help with loss of weight because it alleviates the stress hormones.

When we have cravings for food that is not really necessary, buying things that we don’t need or relationships that we are better off come with all sorts of thoughts and feelings that can be just jumbled up. This kind of situation can lead to many physical responses. You may feel a knot in your stomach, tightening of the chest, a clamping head and so on. In most cases we think that we might feel better if we eat something like ice-cream, a cookie or even a cigarette. With such patterns, no real solution is achieved.

Yoga practices can be really helpful in deviating your thoughts and feelings. Meditative aspects place you in positions that allow you to focus on the body and exactly what it is you are feeling. Yoga allows you to connect with your body in a much better way.

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