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Tips on how to massage your breast for enlargement and better shape

You may have been lately focused on breast massage method for breast enlargement as there is little doubt that a good body means a well endowed and perky breasts. All modern women wish themselves to look younger and an enlarged breast is one of the most important ways to make them so. In fact, keeping the breast in better shape and adequate size is the prerequisite of all marriages right from the ancient times. Although women when they get old have flagging breasts or those that have shrunk in size, they have yet an important proven tool through massage that can actually make their breasts larger and steady.

Among the massages the scrub massages and the massage with cream has been rated as the best and has stood the test of time. The scrub massage is done by laying out a thin layer of scrubs on the breasts. Then a wooden massager is used and this is slowly allowed to go on and around the breast in a small circular motion. This is usually done from the outside of the breast under its edge. The circular massage is made to cover all areas except the areolas and the nipples and should be done gently so that you can be sure of how to breast massage for breast enlargement rather easily. 

Cream Massaging Techniques

You now wish to know about breast massage for breast enlargement with the help of cream. You must have already known that there are numerous creams available in the market and some are good and some are not. Then there those that have chemicals while others are herbal products. You may choose any one once you know the brand well and have gone through the independent reviews of past users on the Internet. In fact, most other forms of massage are basically by applying cream apart from the routine exercises that you need to perform on your breasts.

For each of the breasts, that is the left and right one you need to make use of both hands while applying cream on the whole area. Then lean forward to let the breasts hang down in a natural way. If it is the left breast then cup it with your left hand and then massage gently pushing it upward and also towards the inwards and then hold in that position for a few seconds. Similar to the right breast and the same must be done with the right hand. The idea here is to push and press inwards all the fat that has accumulated in your breasts.

Once you know this technique well then you can teach others about breast massage for breast enlargement. 

Pressure Points

When you teach others make sure that you tell them about the pressure points as well. Try to locate the point which is in the middle of the chest and is also the mid point between two breasts. When doing breast massage for breast enlargement this would be important.

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