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Gynecomastia supplement - do they work

Gynecomastia is an abnormal medical condition in which case, the breasts’ sizes in male people will increase. The exact cause of the condition is not known. There are various kinds of medications to treat the condition. The disorder might appear at various stages of life. It can occur at childhood stage, at puberty or at an older age. The imbalance in the hormonal production will greatly influence this condition. When the production of testosterone in the body is less, Gynecomastia is most likely to affect a person. On the other hand, if the estrogen production is higher than testosterone, Gynecomastia will happen.


There are various kinds of medications to treat Gynecomastia. The selection of pills should be done very carefully. If Gynecomastia is developed in infancy or puberty, it will be treated on its own. The symptoms will subside automatically. On the other hand, if it happens during older age, the case should be dealt with very carefully.

The exact cause for the condition should be evaluated. The physician will observe the physical condition of the patient. Various kinds of blood tests are performed to figure out the hormonal production values. If the testosterone production is less, the case can be treated quite easily. 80% of the patients have benefitted in this process.


If there are normal levels of testosterone, it is not possible to treat the patient through testosterone therapy. Older men will be really benefited through testosterone treatment. The medicines that are used for this purpose include Clomiphene and anti-estrogen medication. The medicine can be taken up to 6 months.

Breast volume will reduce through Tamoxifen which is known as a selective estrogen receptor modulator. In this process, it is not possible to eliminate the breast tissue completely. If there is severe pain through Gynecomastia, this kind of method will be used.

The estrogen secretion can be reduced through the use of Danazol. The testes will be molded to perform this operation. The pituitary excretion of LH and FSH will also be influenced by the intake of these pills. The sex organs will be directed to produce the right kind of hormones so that the mismatch will be corrected in an efficient manner.


Prevention of Gynecomastia is possible to the extent the body has changed in the production of various kinds of hormones. In most of the cases, the disorder will subside automatically. In other cases, it can be treated through medication. In extreme cases where there is no response to medications, it will be done through surgery.

When Should You go for Surgery?

If it is not possible to treat Gynecomastia through medication, it is necessary to go for surgery. The potential to treat without surgery is high in most of the patients. In severe cases where there is great pain, the patient should go through the surgical process. Even though there is no relation between Gynecomastia and breast cancer, if there is any suspicion, the patient will be advised to take special medical examinations.

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