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Green tea capsule extra strength10,000mg

When it comes to weight loss, there are many natural herbs and foods known to contain all the properties needed to make the process as effective as possible. When you go all natural with such foods and ingredients, you will be avoiding the many side effects that results from chemical and synthetic options that are also offered in the market. It is always advisable to work with a natural method of losing weight before considering other options that you have. This could mean going for supplements containing 100% natural ingredients such as the Evolution Slimming Green Tea.

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What it is

This is a powerful weight loss supplement with the green tea having been in use for a long time to offer weight loss solutions. It also supports optimum health as a result of high antioxidant value that it comes with. The supplement is made in the UK and presented in capsule form. Each of the capsules contains 500mg of 20 Green tea extracts. The tea offers a convenient way of losing and managing weight with higher concentrations. When taken in capsule form, the green tea tends to be much stronger than when taken in tea form. This product is classed as mega strength formulation and you therefore know that you can only expect the very best when using the product.

The Ingredients

  1. green tea leaves dietGreen Tea Extract: this is the main active ingredient in the capsules. It is standardized for bioflavonoid like antioxidants also known as polyphenols. They work together to protect from infections, which promotes good health. The green tea also has thermogenic properties which together with the antioxidant properties create a fat burning supplement that is most effective in weight loss and management.

Other ingredients which make this product as effective as it is include microcrystalline cellulose which acts as a bulking agent, capsule shell and magnesium stearate which is an anticaking agent. They are all natural ingredients which do not come with any risks of side effects.

The Benefits of Green Tea Capsules

  1. Tips on losing weight in natural wayThey provide greater strength and benefits as compared to taking the main ingredient in tea form. Even though most weight loss programs advocate for green tea drinking, you stand to reap greater benefits with these carefully formulated weight loss capsules.
  2. You will enjoy optimum health with the supplement considering the great antioxidant value that it offers you. It easily promotes better health through proper body functions including the improvement of your metabolic system which plays a role in how effective weight loss can be for you.
  3. Apart from assisting you with your weight loss goals, this supplement also offers you an easy way of managing weight even after you have achieved what you consider to be ideal weight level for you. It therefore offers long term weight solutions for all.
  4. It has a 95% polyphenol potency strength which makes it an excellent choice for slimming plans. It can be taken daily in the form of tea as healthy diet part even when there is no need for any weight loss.
  5. The capsules can be taken alongside a good exercise regime and diet to maximize on the weight loss results. A combination like this will bolt you forward, making it easier and faster for you to start enjoying better results with the weight loss efforts that you have put in place.
  6. It contains only natural ingredients and this therefore means that you do not have to worry about any side effects when using the supplement. The extract will not leave you all jittery and uneasy with heart rate rising as it is usually the case with other supplements which include synthetic ingredients.

Directions of use

The dietary supplement capsule should be taken thrice daily. This means taking 1 capsule three times in a day and with plenty of water. The capsules can be taken before or after meals. It is important to make sure that you do not exceed this dosage daily. The three capsules will provide you with the extra strength and energy that you need to keep the body burning fats throughout the day. They offer a continuous process that will eventually get you to the weight loss goals that you have in place.

Supplement Advice and Cautions

Green tea extra strength bottleThis supplement is suitable for vegans and vegetarians considering that it has all natural ingredients which do not go against such diet needs and plans. It is however very important for lactating and pregnant women to consult with their doctors before using the supplement for weight loss management. You should stop using the supplement if advised to do so by your doctor or when you experience adverse reactions.

It should be remembered that the product has caffeine. If you are on a diet that tends to eliminate caffeine, then you should not use this product. It is also designed for use by adults only hence those who are under the age of 18 should not use the product. Always adhere to the right and correct dosage to enjoy better weight loss results.


The evolution green tea capsules offer simple and effective weight loss solution. The natural ingredients make it an ideal product to assist in the health losing of fats. This tea also offers you greater health benefits considering that the tea is packed with antioxidants all of which help in boosting better bodily functions which in essence fetch you amazing health results on the overall. One pack gives you a total of 90 capsules, which cater for your 30 days or a month’s supply.

In as much as the capsules can fetch you amazing weight loss results over a period of time, it can be even better to combine the supplement with a good dietary plan and a good exercise regime. This way, you will be improving on the effectiveness of the capsules and you therefore will reach the weight loss targets that you have within no time. For long term weight loss maintenance, a healthy dietary change and adoption of a good exercise plan is important.

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