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Fasting diet recipes what to eat

Fasting diet recipe to lose weight can be downloaded through the internet. There is no restriction on the intake of food in 5 days of the week. The food intake in the remaining days should be taken in a calculated approach. The calorie contribution of ingredients should be assessed very carefully. You can eat healthy meals in all these five days. It is very much important to take balanced and nutritious food in all the 5 days. The 2 days in which you will take restricted diet should be planned well so that you will be able to survive with limited food intake.

Fruits and vegetables

You should include plenty of fruits and vegetables as part of your diet plan. You can go for special recipes for fasting days so that you will be able to make the most of the fasting. As part of the fasting process, you should not go for processed food items. You should quit smoking and drinking so that there will not be undesirable effects on your body. On one hand, alcohol will not add value to your health. With the intake of alcohol, it will consume calories from your body and you will not have the strength. Hence, it is very much important to change your lifestyle so that weight loss will happen in an effortless manner.

There are wide varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can consume them in various forms. Some items like carrots can be consumed in raw form as well. You can keep stock of these items so that you can fill the gaps in between the meals.

Enjoy wide varieties of flavors

You should not deprive your tongue to taste various flavors of food. You should be conscious about the items that you are consuming. Ready-made foods and processed foods should be eliminated. You should not take any kind of weight loss supplements as well.

As part of the fasting diet, you can enjoy tasty desserts, chocolates and ice creams as well. If you confine to food that is prepared at home, there will be a great benefit to your health. You will be able to shed the excess weight by burning the fat in a quiet natural way. If you are hungry after taking food, you should wait at least 20 minutes before heading for the next meal. The quantity can be reduced so that you will not take excess food.

Carbonated drinks, biscuits and cakes should be limited during the fasting days. The number of calories that are allowed on fasting days are 500 for women and 600 for women. These calories can be taken in various sessions. Instead of taking the food in two sessions, you can have the food in three or more sessions as per your needs. You should drink plenty of drinks and juices. The only caution is that sugars and salts should be minimized. The diet that you will implement at the fasting time should be selected carefully so that you will not deprive your body with vitamins and proteins.


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