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Drugs and medications for gynecomastia treatments

Gynecomastia is a medical condition in which the breasts will be in an enlarged state in males. It will be embarrassing for a person to have breasts in excess size. Gynecomastia might be the result of a side effect due to the use of certain kinds of medicines. The medical condition will also be the resultant of excessive production of estrogen. If the female hormone production is more than the male hormone production, it will lead to Gynecomastia in some males. If you are suffering from Gynecomastia, you should want to go through medications so that you can overcome the issue.

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Remedy Through Medications

It is possible to overcome Gynecomastia through medication. In most of the cases, it will subside automatically. The breast enlargement may happen on one side or both sides. The growth of the breasts will be arrested by taking drugs that can alter the production of hormones in the body. If the testosterone hormone production is abnormal, adults might be affected with Gynecomastia. This will happen when the age of the person increases. On the other hand, the estrogen production in the body might increase which will lead to the enlarged state of the breasts. Various kinds of tests are performed to figure out the exact cause of the disease. After ascertaining the cause, the most appropriate drug will be suggested to the patients.

Severity of the Disease

The treatment will work and give desired results when scar are not formed from the tissue. If there is formation of the scar, it is not possible to treat the condition. Surgery should be the only alternative. Hence, the medication should be initiated within 12 months. If the breasts are in the expanded position for more than 12 months, it is more likely that scar will happen. The surgery is very complicated. Even though it is possible to correct the shape of breasts, there will be a number of complications. Hence, it is very much required to go through medications so that the Gynecomastia can be treated in an efficient manner.

In most of the cases, the first medication is testosterone therapy. However, this treatment has not yielded great results so far. There is a risk with the mediation in which case the breast growth may further increase. Danazol can be used to inhibit pituitary secretion. In most of the cases, the tenderness of the breast has reduced and it reduces the size as well. On the other hand, the side effects are weight gain, nausea and muscle cramps.

Tamoxifen is used for medication as it has anti-oestrogenic properties. It has given consistent results by reducing the size of the breasts over a period of time. By taking Alagaratnam for a period of 4 months, most of the patients had witnessed great results. Complete normalcy was restored in 80% of the patients. If there is a painful onset of Gynecomastia, Tamoxifen can be prescribed by doctors. By taking these pills for 3 months, it is possible to reduce the size of the breasts and to get relief from pain as well.

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