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We provide comprehensive information on the website for general guidance only. The website promoter or the employee do not promote or contribute to the sale of the product. It is our endeavor to present very accurate and up-to-date information to users. If you take a decision based on the information presented on the website, it will be done on your own risk. If there is physical, mental, financial or any other loss with the use of information presented on our website, we are not responsible for the loss.

You should not understand the steroids presented on the website as a replacement for other medications that you are using. Your treatment or therapeutic course will not be replaced with the intake of these steroids. You should consult your physician before consuming these steroids.

The results differ from one person to another person. The performance enhancement might not take place as was mentioned on the website. If you are taking a new medication, you should consult your doctor.

The information presented on the website is meant for adults of age 18 years and above. Legal steroids should not be used by children less than 18 years old. The information will be collected from various sources. It might not be accurate. Hence, you should verify the information and get consent from the doctor so that the risk factor will be minimized.

Legal steroids are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any kind of disease. The existing illness or medical condition should be brought to the notice of your physician and you should go for medication based on the advice given by the doctor.

The statements made on the website are not evaluated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There are top legal steroids which are not prescribed drugs. If you would like to have more muscle mass, strength and burn fat, you can go for steroids. There will be increased energy levels with the intake of steroids. The most appropriate steroid should be considered with the help of physician. The frequency and dosage should be followed as per your needs so that the risk factor can be minimized.

We present natural legal formulations so that blood concentrations and hormones in the body will be adequate.

Before starting any diet, exercise or steroid, you should consult the healthcare professional. Even though you are going to use medications which do not require any prescription, the consent of doctor should be obtained prior to the intake of drugs.

As you use the services on our website or content present on our website, you will agree that the steroids are used on your own risk. You will also hold harmless the promoter of the website, employees, contributors and manufacturers and suppliers involved in this process. You will agree that the products, operations and services offered by us are not endorsed by any guarantee.

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If you are placing order on our website, make sure that the usage of steroids is not illegal in your State or Country. You are solely responsible for placing the order on our website, usage of information and spread of steroid to others without prescription.

We endeavor to present body building and performance enhancing steroids on our websites. Most of these steroids had gone through clinical trials and there was great satisfaction from customers. You should purchase, use and store steroids as per your convenience. The steroids that are presented on our website contain ingredients that are permitted to be used in the preparation of health supplements and other medical products. Users should go for them at their own discretion.