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Cut and Ripped is a muscle builder supplement which is also designed to cut fats. This new formula is created with IFBB professional bodybuilder input to get a product that is most effective in achieving the goals that it is designed for. It offers incredible added strength, muscle and gains without any pain. It is formulated with more than 16 ingredients guaranteeing amazing results every time for all users. It is intended to offer buildup and preservation of muscles with joint support that is enhanced. It is an excellent cutting and contest prep supplement for you.

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How it Works

This supplement has HGH growth factors which increase stamina, energy and at the same offers the muscles with all the proteins and growth factors that it needs. With the huge choice of ingredients, Cut and Ripped Plus lubricates the joints this minimizing pain that comes with intense lifting. The many active ingredients featured in the product are what make it a valuable and effective supplement that it is in the market.

Cut and Ripped how it works

The Benefits

  • Cut and Ripped resultThe supplement is suitable for extreme muscle building and the cutting of cycles. It easily achieves this with the many ingredients that it has all working together to fetch you the amazing results that it is packed with
  • It is formulated with the help of pro bodybuilder and also scientists. You therefore know that you can trust in the safety of the product and the effectiveness for your muscle gain needs
  • It minimizes the pain that comes with hard core weight lifting cycles. This means that you will be in a position to work longer for better results with your muscles
  • It increases the stamina and energy and helps the joints handle intense lifting during training sessions
  • It also has ingredients which help in reducing the muscle recovery time effectively eliminating any muscle breakdown that would have taken place without the supplement
  • This supplement also increases the secretion of HGH which helps in reducing body fats and at the same time increases muscle mass and strength

The Ingredients

  1. Copper: It plays a role in the transportation and utilization of oxygen in the body and other enzymatic reactions which help in the noradreline production. Copper also has a natural way of increasing within the bloodstream in intense exercises meaning, therefore that it has a role in muscular workout support.
  2. L-Leucine: This amino acid helps in muscle building because it is anabolic compared to other amino acids. It is easily metabolized within the muscles rather than in the liver.
  3. HICA: It is leucine metabolite which helps in the maximization and metabolization of Leucine effects considering that Leucine has no HICA. A buildup of this ingredient offers a Leucine pool aiding faster post workout recovery. It also aids cell signaling.
  4. Caffeine anhydrous: It maximizes the energy output and boosts alertness and mental focus. It also has proven relief for pain and aids fat burning.
  5. Yohimbe: It increases and improves testosterone levels, thus aiding weight loss and fat burning. It is a powerful supplement that also helps in erectile dysfunction. It is an alpha-2-adrenergic blocking agent which increases sympathetic nervous system activities resulting into increases epinephrine amounts in the bloodstream.
  6. Deer antler velvet: It is an ingredient which increases endurance, stamina, muscle and strength. It also aids the production of the HGH hormone making it an excellent bodybuilding supplement ingredient. The velvet helps in fat burning, improved immunity and added strength among other benefits.
  7. Glucosamine sulfate: It is a natural chemical that is found in humans. The supplementation of this helps in relieving joint pains even in cases of arthritis. It also helps in the reduction of osteoarthritis pain. It works by reducing pain that is associated with heavy lifting.
  8. Chondroitin sulfate: It is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever commonly used in osteoarthritis. It improves on synovial joint health.
  9. MSM: This is an organic form of sulfur, which is easily absorbed into the body to help in the treatment of arthritis, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, chronic pain, muscle cramp and bursitis.
  10. Boswellia: It is an acid that is known for the exertion of anti-inflammatory effects. It helps in the prevention of connective tissue breakdown and also increases blood supply to the joint tissues to act as an anti-inflammatory. It effectively reduces pain.
  11. PEA: It is a stimulant that is naturally produced to aid weight loss and increase alertness. It acts a chemical for the brain associated with the stimulation of neurotransmitters which influence emotions. They include suppressing appetite, alertness and euphoria.
  12. Turmeric: This is an antioxidant, which helps in curing a variety of diseases including cancer. The herb has healing properties, making it amazing for a bodybuilding supplement.
  13. CMO: It is the Cetyl Myristoleate and it is a compound which is produced by the body. It helps with pain relief and inhibits the production of inflammatory leukotrienes and prostaglandins.
  14. Bitter orange: it aids weight loss, appetite suppression and relief of muscle pain.

cut and ripped supplements

Supplement Advice and Cautions

This supplement is not designed for everyone. It is most suitable for bodybuilders and athletes. It should be used with care and kept away from the reach of children. For individuals who have medical issues or conditions and are under medications, it is important to consult with your doctor first before using the supplement.


Cut and Ripped Plus is a popular muscle building supplement with a huge ingredient combination making it the most effective supplement that it is. It does not have any side effects unlike other supplements which have ingredients that can have adverse effects. Before using the supplement, however, always determine how suitable it is for you depending on the fitness needs that you are faced with. Your doctor should be in a position to give you the green light to continue with the supplement if you have any medical condition. If your condition does not allow the use of the supplement, it is best to keep off the product and other supplements not advised by your doctor.

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