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Gynecomastia or man boobs causes and prevention tips

The swelling of tissues in the breast area will lead to Gynecomastia. It can occur both in men and boys. The condition may affect either one breast or both breasts. The most probable conditions that will lead to Gynecomastia are changes in hormones. There are other factors as well which will lead to Gynecomastia and the condition should be treated as per the diagnosis.


When the testosterone levels are lower than estrogen, Gynecomastia might be triggered in the body. There might be excess production of estrogen as well. The decreased production of testosterone can be due to blockage or it might be due to the increased production of estrogen. As a matter of fact, the estrogen and testosterone present in the body will control and maintain sexual characteristics of a person. While feminine personality is controlled by estrogen, male personality is controlled by testosterone. The muscle mass, hair and body characteristics will be maintained by testosterone.

Occurrence of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia can occur at different stages of growth. It may appear during the infant stage, puberty and old age. The disorder will be treated automatically when it appears during infancy and puberty. In case of the occurrence in old age, it can be treated with various kinds of medications. The most common medication that works very successfully is when the person suffers with testosterone related issues.

Diagnosis & Treatment

There are various kinds of treatments for Gynecomastia. If the condition lasts for less than 6 months, it will be cured automatically. On the other hand, if the formation of tissue occurs within the breasts and when the disorder history is beyond 12 months, it is not possible to deal with medications. In such cases, surgery is inevitable.

In most of the cases, Gynecomastia can be treated through medicines which will increase the production of testosterone. So far, great results are achieved. On the other hand, if the issue is due to the excess production of estrogen, the hormonal production will be regulated so that there will not be an excess production of female hormones.


It is very much important that you should not use illegal drugs. Steroids, heroin, marijuana and androgens should be avoided as they pose a great risk to Gynecomastia. If you are addicted to alcohol, the consumption should be either decreased or should be avoided totally. The medications that you are taking at the moment should be reviewed. If there are medicines which pose risk to Gynecomastia, they should be avoided.

The probability to get affected with Gynecomastia is more in people who suffer from obesity. If there are tumors in testes, the risk will be high. The thyroxin production will be high in people suffering with hyperthyroidism. Hence, sufficient care should be taken so that thyroid gland will function normally. Malnutrition, starvation, kidney failure and liver failure will also lead to Gynecomastia in some patients. The physician should assess the overall condition of the patient and the most appropriate treatment should be provided so that the patient will live a normal life.

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